2020-06-15 EAG Newsletter

By Sara Ferris




AmazonSmile is now available in the Amazon Shopping app on iOS and Android mobile phones. Just install and open the Amazon Shopping app on your phone, go to the main menu, and tap Settings. Tap AmazonSmile and follow the instructions to add Eugene Area Gleaners as your donation recipient.




Joanne Holland may offer rabies shots for dogs and cats on Thursday, June 25. Cost is $20. The last one took place at the closed Safeway lot on Main in Springfield. Please use the Facebook link below to let Joanne know if you are interested:






Orders from the Flying Bee Honey buy were ready for pickup the evening of June 13.


Strawberries, rhubarb, and cherries from the Emerald Produce Group Buy will arrive this week on Wednesday or Thursday. Sorters will be notified once the delivery arrives.




Susan Chapen has updated the glean leader manual and will be starting leader training. Email eugeneareagleaners@gmail.com if you’d like to lead.


Thanks to Rosemary Booble for donating more masks for gleaners. More are needed to make sure all the glean leaders have 7-10 masks to make sure gleaners who don’t bring masks aren’t sent home. 




Lots of peeled organic lemons from Crescendo spirits this week. Here are some gleaner ideas for using them:

Citrus-vinegar cleaner

Lemon curd

Lemon curd for canning (but note that they recommend using bottled lemon juice, not freshly squeezed)

Strawberry lemonade concentrate for canning



EAG Board President Brandy Collier summarizes EAG activity across the years:


Volunteer list is currently at 963 member families—each family could be anywhere from 2-12 people. 


We’ve done 634 gleans since we started tracking in 2012. We did not start recording weights regularly until we had our nonprofit status in 2015. Half of all glean shares went to Food for Lane County up until 2016.


We do not track weight of bread pickups (1-2 carloads, 4x/week), egg donations, meat donations, or produce box donations from stores.


2012: 30 gleans.

2013: 16 gleans (I had a baby <3)

2014: 49 gleans, 5204 lbs recorded. For more than half of gleans, the weight was not recorded.

2015: 55 gleans, 7972 lbs recorded. (both my parents died this year, it looks like we cut the season off early.) We donated 3,986 pounds to Food for Lane County (documented) and a couple hundred that was not documented.

2016: 63 gleans, 43,553.6 lbs recorded (did not weigh squash—we drove up to Albany to rescue 3 vanloads from a food processor )

2017: 43 gleans, 27572.11 lbs recorded. (We bought a house and didn’t do much). Unusually hot summer, another year of fires choking out the PNW, I believe.

2018: 134 gleans, 33032.99 lbs recorded. 1983.27 lbs were donated to agencies and external groups 

2019: 239 gleans, 56664.3875 lbs recorded.


Note that numbers above are less than the actual totals because some gleans did not report poundage or it was difficult to read on the tax receipt. HUGE thanks to glean leaders who get the totals in timely and remember to take legible pics of the white sheet for our records. It makes a difference!


In the entire EAG history, there were 79 gleans that we were invited to but were unable to fully staff. Nothing goes to waste—what molds or is pulled from the field bad goes to members with farms or livestock, or to members who want to make sauce or compost. 


I mean no hubris by including my life events in the above totals, but there is a difference in the years where I had something big happen and was MIA (my apologies!). I used to attend or lead each and every glean that no one else would, plus show up to understaffed gleans. Unfortunately due to health challenges I am no longer able to do that, but I see a lot of others stepping up!


To everyone pitching in, in whatever way you are able, you have our collective gratitude!! 


I’ve also noticed a huge difference when we had all of our Board positions fully staffed. Again—SO much gratitude to past and present Board members!


Other programs: We run 4 drop sites for members to pick up donated items from grocery stores and outlets (bread, etc.) and from members. This is where we set extra produce for members to come get.


We run canning classes 1-on-1 as requested, a jar library, group buys, a chicken coop library (starting), community gardens, group classes and gatherings, group fundraisers, and community. 


This group is really something to be proud of!!!


We have so many things working against us. No one is being paid to be here, or even reimbursed most of the time. People are here because they want to be and it is so awe  inspiring. Thank you!