2020-06-22 EAG Newsletter

By Sara Ferris:




Quick reminder for everyone: We do not have to be friends, only civil. We have to function as coworkers. If you block any group admin or moderator, you will be removed with no warning or notice. 

If someone is openly harassing you, contact the Board for help at eugeneareagleaners@gmail.com (not to be confused with our group email at eugeneareagleaners@googlegroups.com) so we know what’s going on. If you had a tiff with someone on your Facebook, unfriend and walk away, but we’re all still expected to interact as grownups in gleaner space. 


This is literally the first rule everyone (is supposed to have) read when they joined and were tagged on the Welcome post. 




Brian the beef guy has 5 grassfed steer (no hormones or soy) available for purchase. Kill dates are September 26 and October 21. There may be more available in December or January


He’s asking $3/lb with a $100 PER HALF deposit. You’ll arrange cut and wrap for a separate fee, currently $0.66 a pound at Farmer’s Helper. 


You’ll work directly with Brian to get your beef paid off in full before the kill date (or through Brandy via Paypal). This year he is open to taking payments so more people can potentially get their hands on beef. Last year, the weights were 300#, 382#, all smaller steer. You have the option of offal and bones.  


You can call a half or whole, and again, only $100 PER HALF is due to Brian at this time. Hanging weights won’t be known until the kill date. Contact Brandy for more information or to reserve your half at: brandyjcollins@gmail.com.






Last Friday was a busy day for gleans. Eva Bolin led a group to pick Rainier cherries in Veneta, and Lindsay Barry did the same for Bing cherries in the River Road area. Shannon Cooper led an Organic Redneck glean for spinach, mixed greens, and cucumbers. Gleaner tips for things to do with spinach besides canning:

  • Blanch and freeze
  • Freeze whole leaves, then crunch them into bits and keep in the freezer for use in soups, casseroles, or smoothies as needed. 
  • Juice it
  • Spinach chips in the dehydrator
  • Spinach pesto for the freezer



Garfield: Bread in the shed, sweets in the fridge. Also lettuce, potatoes, onions, milk, lemons, bananas, and berries in the freezer. And tomato plants.


Gateway: Produce (apples, celery, lettuce), canned goods, dry rice and beans, and a pork roast in the cooler.




Stephanie Miller has hamburger available for $3/pound for 90/10 ground meat. Soup/dog bones are also available for $2/pound.  She will also keep a running list of those who want burger—supplies may be limited over the summer.






The group took delivery of 67 flats of strawberries (536 pounds) as well as 80 pounds of rhubarb and 72 pounds of cherries.  


For the future, pickling cukes were the next most requested item. Emerald Produce won’t have them (or pricing) available until next month. Unfortunately, a group vanilla buy is not an option through Emerald Produce, so the search continues for a vanilla vendor. Contact Brandy if you are interested in helping price-compare and source at: Brandyjcollins@gmail.com