2020-09-28 EAG Newsletter

By Sara Ferris




Bumper stickers. Rose Jacobs has donated 1,000 2” x 6” gleaner bumper stickers to help raise funds to build a gleaner barn at 1070 Linda Lane. Stickers are $1.50 each, including the cost of a stamp to mail it to you. Buy your stickers here:




You can also donate stickers to folks who can’t afford one. Just mark in the comments field that your purchase is a donation. To request a sticker, use the link below:



Bottle returns. Bottle Drop blue bags are now available at the Garfield (1242 Garfield St.) and Springfield (2445 Laralee St.). Please take one bag per family at a time. When the bag is full, return it to one of the Bottle Drop redemption centers (Eugene: 2105 West Broadway, 

Springfield: 2289 Olympic St.) and  the Eugene Area Gleaners will be credited. Both centers are open from 8 to 6 daily. 


Cookbook. Rose Jacobs is also working on a cookbook as a fundraiser for the group. Submit your favorite fall recipes here:





Thanks to everyone who stepped up on short notice last week to distribute dairy boxes and eggs courtesy of Food for Lane County.


If you’re not sure what to do with all the eggs, here’s a link with ideas:



To freeze eggs, lightly whisk the yolks and whites together and put in a freezer bag. If you want smaller portions, freeze the mixture in a muffin tin or ice cube tray, then put in a freezer bag.

3 tablespoons frozen egg mix = 1 whole egg

You can also freeze the whites and yolks separately. Freezing egg whites can improve their foaming ability, which can be helpful for cake baking. On the flip side, yolks can develop a gel-like consistency when frozen by themselves. Adding a bit of either sugar or salt can help improve the texture.

If you freeze your whites and yolks separately, use as follows:

2 tablespoons frozen  = 1 egg white

1 tablespoon frozen = 1 egg yolk

Don’t freeze eggs in the shell because the insides will expand when frozen and potentially crack the shell. 


Egg-streme delivery efforts!




NOTE: Masks or face shields are required during gleans. Please do not sign up if you are not willing or able to wear a face covering. 


Great news: As of last Friday, Organic Redneck Farm is back on the gleaning schedule—Fridays only for now! Here’s an article about what they’ve been through: https://www.klcc.org/post/shaken-pandemic-and-fire-mckenzie-farm-plants-seeds-future


Monday, September 28: Apples and pears in River Road area

Friday, October 2: Organic produce in Walterville 


New glean leaders are always welcome! Contact Susan Chapen at eugeneareagleaners@gmail.com or message her on Facebook to get trained!



NOTE: Wear your mask and use the hand sanitizer provided when visiting a drop site. Also be sure to note what you take on the sign-out sheet.

If you leave something at a drop site, be sure to notify the host and post to the Facebook group and email list so people know to come get it. 


Springfield: 2445 Laralee St. (open during daylight hours)

Eugene: 1242 Garfield St.

South Eugene: 2830 Potter


Perishable items should go in the refrigerator, and if you see anything that is unsafe or no longer edible, please put it in the animal feed bin. The Eugene refrigerator is in the carport area, and the Springfield one is by the bread shelves on the left side of the garage. 

Thanks to our regular donors the Bread Stop, Winco, Orowheat, and Lox, Stock, and Bagel for keeping us supplied with bread, buns, and the occasional sweet!




Spots are open for once-a-month Bread Stop pick-up. You would pick up items on Wednesday at 2:15 pm and deliver to the location you sign up for. Bread Stop is located at: 197 Wallis St C, Eugene, OR 97402. Check this thread for more details:




The following are still pending. Follow the posts below or watch for updates on Facebook or email:





Even though most students are learning from home, school lunches are still available for pickup. For families in need who can’t make it to the pickup sites, Eugene 4J plans to provide delivery services. Requests received and verified before October 5 will receive meals starting October 12. More details and signup form here: https://www.4j.lane.edu/…/school-meal-delivery-available/


Here are links to food pickup details for the different districts:


Eugene 4J, Monday-Friday from 10:45–2: https://www.4j.lane.edu/communications/coronavirus/foodservice/


Bethel: Tuesdays and Fridays from 11–1:



Springfield, Monday-Friday from 11-1. Check the weekly Return to Learn update for list of schools where lunches can be picked up: