2020-11-02 EAG Newsletter




This Halloween, 38 gleaner kids received candy and other treats. Participating families received a bucket with bagged candy for each kid, plus toys and treats for the family to share. Each family also received a letter from T. Great Pumpkin.

This was a huge group effort, and thanks go to everyone who contributed time, effort, materials, driving, etc., including:

Brandy Collier

Shawna Bughman

Rose Jacobs

Elan Buba

Marie Summers

Margaret Rose Nyberg

Shawna Gillespie

Natasha Chitow

Julia McAloon

Jennifer Tarver

Ryan Collier

Bear Collier

Ryder Collier

Gabriel Barrowman

Adriane Quackenbush

Robin Jorgensen

Heather Zedaker (Gwen Stacy)

Tatjana Skrbic

Vickie Hodgins

Venessa Morago

Jennifer Eisele

Ashley & Ryan Workman

Melody Piatt

LeAndra Schneider

Brittney Hutchinson

Veronica VanAndel

Lisa Lucas

Ruby McConnell

Deirdre Leiner

Erin Auer-Sears

Virginia Haack Buron

Geraldine Sundstrom

Shari and Ron Layton


Extra buckets were left at the drop sites. Leftover Halloween candy may also show up there as well.




Planning is underway to build a cover for the Springfield drop site at 2445 Laralee St. Please let Marie Summers know if you can donate any of the items below:

  • 8 pier blocks
  • 1 box 3″ deck screws
  • Metal roofing sheets 
  • 6 4x4x10 foot posts

You can comment here and also view examples of the pier blocks and roofing sheets:









Slots are still open for the meal train for Bonnie Williams and family:


A GoFundMe to help with expenses is available here:


Please stay mindful of COVID-19 guidelines when dropping items off.





Reminder to glean leaders: Be sure to put the date on your glean receipts, either across the top or in the comments. Without the date, the receipt technically isn’t valid.


Reminder to everyone: Masks are required during gleans. Please do not sign up if you are not willing or able to wear a mask. 


The Oregon Health Authority has updated its guidance on the use of face shields—the recommendation is to wear a mask instead of a face shield except in cases when a face shield is appropriate, for example, for communicating with someone who is deaf.


Gleans this week:


Monday, November 2: Sweet corn, squash, and pie pumpkins in Pleasant Hill


Organic Redneck gleans have come to an end for 2020. They are continuing to make donations  on Fridays. Donated items will be split and delivered directly to the drop sites. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this great account!!


Be sure to watch the Facebook group or the email list for new gleans. 


New glean leaders are always welcome! Contact Susan Chapen at eugenea[email protected] or message her on Facebook to get trained!



NOTE: Wear your mask and use the hand sanitizer provided when visiting a drop site. Also be sure to note what you take on the sign-out sheet.

If you leave something at a drop site, be sure to notify the host and post to the Facebook group and email list so people know to come get it. 

Also make sure the refrigerator is closed securely if you open it.


Springfield: 2445 Laralee St.

Eugene: 1242 Garfield St.

South Eugene: 2830 Potter


The drop sites are well-stocked with bread from regular donors Bread Stop, Winco, and Orowheat. Other items available last week included organic squash, canned goods, and other pantry items.




Rose Jacobs has started a series of blog posts on how to stretch your food dollars at the gleaner website: eugeneareagleaners.com. The first installment looks at what you can do with a 10-pound turkey—a timely topic with Thanksgiving coming right up:





Following are storage suggestions from the Facebook group.

Hardening. To store winter squash through the winter, they first need to be hardened, or cured. It’s best to keep the stems on for storage. Basically, place the squash in a warm place with good air circulation for about two weeks. Earlier in the fall, you could set them outside in the sun for hardening, using a rack or mesh frame to elevate them for better air circulation (or just flipping them over periodically). 

Maureen Griffith suggests keeping them in a warm room (ideally 80 degrees, so maybe ) for 8-10 days to harden, then store in a cool room. 

After they harden, Linda Spellman recommends a bleach dip, using a wheelbarrow or bathtub if you’ve got a lot. A diluted vinegar solution should also kill anything that might promote spoilage. 

Store the cured squash in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location. Ideal temperature for storage is 50 to 55 degrees. Don’t store near apples, pears, or other fruit that may still be ripening.

Here is a chart that shows typical hardening and storage times for different squash varieties. Note that some varieties, like delicata and acorn, don’t need to be cured, but also won’t last as long in storage:



Freezing. Marie Summers turned Orange Kabocha squash into “pumpkin” puree by roasting the quartered and seeded squash for 45 minutes. Once cooled, she ran it through the food processor and froze 2 cups to a bag. Cooking, then pureeing, is the way to go for freezing any squash that is hard to peel.

For butternut squash, you can peel and cut into cubes, then freeze the cubes like you would berries. First spread them out on a cookie sheet so they freeze individually, then bag or vacuum seal them for long-term storage. 



Marie Summers reports that our Bottle Drop Blue Bag fundraising has reached $59.80, and that is with only 9 of the 50 bags returned!  Please grab your bag at either 2445 Laralee or 1242 Garfield and fill a bag for the Eugene Area Gleaners.


If you already have a Bottle Drop account (green bags), you can donate your returns to the gleaners. Log in to your account, and from the options at the top select View Details under Use Give. 


Click on the Search Nonprofits button, then enter Eugene Area Gleaners in the Search box. 

Then click the orange button that says Learn more about Eugene Area Gleaners. 


Then click on the Donate Now button. 



You will see your account balance and can enter in the amount you want to give. 



Have you purchased your gleaner sticker yet? Funds go toward building a gleaner barn at 1070 Linda Lane. The 2” x 6” stickers are $1.50 each, including the cost of a stamp to mail it to you. Buy your stickers here: