EAG Monthly Newsletter – December 2019

Recently joined Eugene Area Gleaners Member, Marie Summers went above and beyond this week. Taking chard that was nearing the end of  life, blanched it, and returned it to the Garfield drop site. She then donated foods that her family wasn’t enjoying. Great job, Marie.


Christina Gebhart, offered her talents of Extreme couponing to the group. She is planning on setting up a couple of classes once her printer is working again.


In the past, the EAG has offered food boxes for the holidays, for various reasons they are no longer feasible. However, since it is the holiday season, it would be wonderful it the gleaners could find a project to help us give back. The “Giftmas” tree that was set up last year at the UO was deemed to religiously centered and they do not want said tree back. Although we did everything in our power to make said tree gift centered we understand their reasoning. 


Is there a gleaner who knows where a Giftmas tree would be welcome? A gleaner who would deliver the goods received to recipients? Board President,  Brandy Collier, has the tree and the trimmings, all waiting to be helpful this holiday season.


THE SQUASH HAVE LANDED! Due to the wonderful work of gleaners like Nanell Clark hundreds of pounds of produce were saved from Redneck Organics. The bread stops were given a good amount of butternut squash and carrots. Enjoy. 


Those loaves and loves of delicious bread that get dropped at the breadstops need a little help this month to get there. 


“Oroweat pick-ups happen every Saturday at 4:30. We need the following times filled as well as a 3rd person that can help take anything that may not fit for either location. We are anticipating larger than normal donations going forward as per Oroweat since they closed 2 locations and now all donations go through the River Ave location”


Please reach out to Marie Summers if you can be that person. 


Do you have space in your driveway or backyard? Would you love to step outside your door to a bread stop? Do you happen to live in the Santa Clara area? If you said yes to most of these answers than the gleaners have a deal for you. Become a host of a bread stop, help yourself and help others at the same time. 


Also, make sure your Amazon and Fred Meyer accounts are set to donate to Eugene Area Gleaners. The donation costs nothing to you, but helps the EAG immensely. 

link to amazon

link to Fred Meyers.


An update to a past news story; the EAG received an additional check for $500 dollars from the Nature of Gratitude talk Brandy Collier gave at Tsunami books. Thank you to Julia McAloon, Qynne McKibben and Brandy for making it out to Tsunami’s and bringing in a total donation of $1000 for your efforts. Kudos to them. 


Brandy’s speech can be read here : link to story


Call for stories. Please contact me at [email protected] with your tidbits for the newsletter.