EAG Monthly Newsletter – November 2019

Eugene Area Gleaners Newsletter 

Nov 18, 2019

A donation of frozen berries by Mrs. Russell allowed Brandy Collier, West Eugene, to offer jam-making and canning classes at her house. Linda Spellman of the River Road area has also offered to open her doors as well. Opportunities like this help allow more members to become comfortable canning and increasing their food storage abilities. This helps save more food from going to waste. Signup post is located here; 


 or by pm’ing Linda or Brandy, or emailing Brandy at: brandyjcollins@gmail.com


There is always a call for volunteers. The fall months are no different. If you have a special gift the group would love to use it. Many hands make quick work and help reach the goals of the EAG! Open lists and discussion is ongoing (since 2018!) at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eugeneareagleaners/permalink/2008600006060269/


Donations of unused items to the group are always helpful. Items like empty storage bins, shelving, fridges, jars, etc are all helpful items that the Eugene Gleaners could use, and help you decrease clutter in your home.

EAG has a wish list tab on our Lending/Knowledge Library Spreadsheet, located at: 



We are working on inventorying to see what is checked out and what is still needed, or needs to be replenished. So far, the Glean Leaders’ biggest need is first aid kits, and sting relief (non epi-pens for bee/wasp stings). If you are interested in donating an item, please contact a board member at: eugeneareagleaners@gmail.com


Last week we thanked Jennifer Denson for her time running the Dewey bread stop. It has officially closed. The remaining bread stops have picked up their game and are filled with delicious goodies. 1242 Garfield in Eugene, the newest stop, has a fridge filled with fruit, a shelf of yummy tea and bread galore. As a reminder, information on our drop-sites, how they work and how they can be accessed, is located on the Welcome post that everyone is tagged in when they first join, located at: 



Marie Summers, posted a wonderful recipe for Stove Top Stuffing that can be made from the current surplus of bread. You can find it by searching “stuffing” in the group or going here: 



Brandy Collier, Qynne McKibben, and Julia McAloon went to Tsunami books to speak at the Nature of Gratitude annual event. They were able to raise over $500 dollars in donations for the group. Donations like this help to supplement storage and EAG library needs. It is our hope that this money can be used to purchase cabinets for the drop-sites. Discussion post is located at: 



The cider presses were used extensively by cider librarian, Jessica Ferguson last weekend. She pressed hundreds of pounds of cider apples and generously donated gallons of it to the bread stops. Great job, Jessica!


The consensus of the newly acquired cider presses, is that they are amazing. Making sure to return the presses with all of their parts cleaned and ready for the next user will help keep them working as beautifully as they are now. 


Jessica Ferguson can be contacted via PM to set up a time to borrow the presses to either take or use at her residence. Information on check-out days/times will be listed on the Lending/Knowledge Library spreadsheet located here: 



When donated food items have gone past their usefulness for human members of the EAG, they are offered up at animal food for any members who can use them. Please fill out the form found at this link ( https://forms.gle/uYSEq8tcRhhXEs7KA ) to get your name on the contact list for animal food. Please note that though the food items may not be obviously moldy or “bad,” by the time we receive it, much of it is past its sell-by date. We are trying to follow careful rotation laws so that no one gets sick. To that end, items designated as animal food should not be passed on for human consumption. There is plenty of fresh-ish food for members to take.


The hustle of the gleaning season is settling down, allowing the board to look over the current way gleans are run. They are looking at what can be done to make changes for next year. We are looking forward to see how changes can be implemented and will do play-testing and feedback before anything goes live.


There has been talk about reviving the phone tree for gleaners who do not have access to Facebook or email. Please contact Rose Jacobs, Board VP, if you would like to help with that endeavor.