EAG Monthly Newsletter – October 2019

Good Afternoon!


I am taking over newsletter this week as Amanda Avery and her family are down sick. Many of our members are Down with the Sickness this month as school starts. We don’t have to get Disturbed about it, however. Recognizing the System of the Down is the first step! 

Here are a couple of things to remember about cold/flu season:

  1. Be a Foo Fighter: Cough into your sleeve.
  2. Rage AGAINST the Machine: Sneeze/blow into Kleenex.
  3. Wash your dang hands Better Than Ezra. If you can’t, at least sanitize.
  4. Limp (your) Bizkit: Don’t come to gleans or handle others’ food when you are sick- call for a sub or alert your Glean Leader.
  5. Join the Bloodhound Gang! Please be vigilant about gleans that need filled due to others illness. Sign up to be a Glean Leader and help people get food that will otherwise go to waste.
  6. DO sign up for a glean, even though it appears to be filled. We go through sub lists like a Blur.
  7. This, too, shall pass… 3 Doors Down.

BOD Announcements:

President: I am looking to fill several open volunteer positions. Please review our volunteer sheet, located at: 


and see if anything calls to you? If there’s nothing that fits well with your lifestyle, please remember to hang your flier once a month and go on gleans when you can – Keep us Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, STAYIN’ ALIVE! (Oh Bee Geez, Brandy, quit with the music puns already!)


Thank you to Qynne McKibben for stepping up as LORD OF THE TAX RECEIPTS!

(Okay, really, it’s Tax Receipt Custodian). Please direct any questions or comments to her regarding Tax Receipts. Yellow carbons will still be mailed to our P.O. Box, and electronic copies will still be emailed to: eugeneareagleaners@gmail.com. Qynne is available for check-out and will be doing an audit in the coming weeks to make sure we have what we need.


Have questions about the group? Everyone is tagged in the “Welcome” post when they join, located at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eugeneareagleaners/permalink/1439339459652996/

Please click on the title and read through the document for a refresher on how the group works and policies. We just lost another Facebook membership coordinator, so in particular please refresh on how to help your friends join the group. 


We are STILL looking for UO students to help form a UO branch of EAG. Check out this post for more information and volunteer opportunities: 



Watch the “Announcements” tab for important announcements and upcoming gleans that have not yet been filled. Check out the discussion here: 



Vice President: Rose has stepped in and taken over coordinating the Garage Sale, happening October 19th. Thanks to Andi Ruch for donating her property for the sale! We are still struggling to fill volunteer shifts.


Available shifts are:


Oct 19th, Saturday

Shifts available are:

Set up 8AM #1: 

Cashier / Attendant 9AM – 11AM

Cashier / Attendant 11AM – 1PM

Cashier Attendant 1PM – 3PM

Cashier Attendant 3PM – cleanup

Clean up Crew 4PM til its done being cleaned up


We are not looking for more items at this time due to space constraints. Just desperately looking for volunteers to sit and help run the garage sale.


Sign-up is here: 



Secretary: Margaret had to step back due to personal reasons. This position is open and posted at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eugeneareagleaners/permalink/2370897699830496/


Treasurer: Pat Fix has had to step down for health reasons. We all wish her the best of luck on a speedy recovery! This position is open and posted: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eugeneareagleaners/permalink/2228885960698338/


Have you connected your Fred Meyer Card? Check out this post for the how-to!



Did you know you can find us on Amazon Smile? This is especially great for reviewers: 



Drop-Site Coordinator (Member-at-Large) Shannon Cooper (on vacation):


We are still looking for an Orowheat account rep and Eugene delivery person or people. This can totally be in a rotation basis. Please see the post at: 


For more information or contact her via PM or email: spankalicious56@gmail.com.


We are also always in desperate need of subs. Please check out our drop-site transporter group at: 


And keep watch for open subbing opportunities to help feed our community?


Also, welcome to the new Drop-Site at 1242 Garfield! We are also looking for one in the North Eugene/River Road area, if you or anyone you know is interested.


Head Glean Leader (Member-at-Large) Susan Chapen:

Susan is now doing Glean Leader trainings by request one-on-one now that we are in a slower season. Please contact her directly. Gleans are still going strong!


Susan says: Oct 1-7: 2 farm gleans were held; Oct. 8-31: 6 farm gleans to be scheduled – Every Monday and Friday. Please join the fun and sign up on a farm glean and see and feel the effort that goes into getting farm fresh vegetables from the field to the table, and then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.


Membership Coordinator (Member-at-Large): This position is vacant and waiting to be filled. Kori had to step back from helping approve Facebook requests. Ryan Workman has stepped up to help out with email join requests. We still need an MC to help coordinate, audit the membership list, nudge people who fill out the application but haven’t joined either list yet.