EAG Monthly Newsletter – September 2019

In a post this week, Eugene Area Gleaners focused on the positive things the group brought to their lives. 


Eliminating food waste is one of the biggest reasons gleaners found themselves out in fields with the EAG. Other gleaners mentioned stretching food budgets, expanding their food knowledge and skills. 


And pie, as one person pointed out, pie is always a good excuse to head to a glean. 


A shortage of volunteers this week frustrated Glean Leaders, with almost 600 Facebook members it is hard to not be frustrated when gleans do not get filled. It is important to remember that on Facebook, or in life, people find it easy to sign up for something they find interesting. 


It is hard to actually join in. 


Let’s try to remember that most of the people watching instead of being active in the group are most likely window shoppers. Let’s continue to focus on how fun and wonderful gleans are, as well the good the group is accomplishing, instead of where it is failing. 


Calling those in the ether out will not make them join in, showing what they are missing will.


Many members pointed out reasons gleans have not been welcoming to them. Some gleaners have wondered if gleans are ADA compliant, but had not wanted to ruffle feathers. 


The board needs to hear from gleaners to know how to better set up gleans. Checking about ADA compliance is easy for a glean leader and can make our gleans more accessible.


If there are other ideas as to how to make gleans easier to join, please make sure you mention them on Facebook or to a board member. 


As a reminder for those with children, there is a list of members who will watch their children in exchange for a portion of the glean.


As the harvest season comes into full swing many gleaners feel buried under apples, pears, blueberries, blueberries, blueberries, blueberries, and more blueberries. Gleaners are always welcome to partake in gleans and offer their surplus to the bread drops. 


Facebook is a wonderful place to share recipe ideas, trade gleaned goods with other Gleaners, and ask other gleaners with food storage suggestions and help.


Please note that the EAG has a long standing rule against gleaned goods outside of the Gleaners family. The laws are complicated. It’s safest for the group for policy against trading, bartering, gifting or selling good outside of the group, as people have a tendency to stretch the rules. 


Use your best judgement about the the usage of gleaned items with the knowledge that breaking the rule could put you and the group at risk. Don’t exploit things to the point the group loses them.


The group has a healthy contingency of master canners. No question is foolish, member should feel comfortable to ask away. The group is always there to help people


As a reminder canning and food preserving tools are available through the Gleaner Library. New larger cider presses will arrive this fall.


For those gleaners who are lost in the Facebook algorithm, please remember that you can choose how many notifications you receive from the group. If you go to the EAG page on facebook and click on notifications you are given the option to choose from: all posts, highlights, friends posts or notifications. If you want to be the first to know about gleans make sure you choose all posts.