EAG Newsletter 12-21-2020

By Sara Ferris

Post your Amazon Wish List links in the comments on the Facebook post below, and/or make someone’s wish happen.
Gwen Stacy (Heather) is hosting a Cooking Klatch on Facebook Messenger. Join her to make potato candy, a traditional recipe her grandmother used to make in West Virginia:
The focus is not so much instructional but rather to hang out and all try it together. Sign up here:
Wear your mask and use the hand sanitizer provided when visiting a drop site. Take only what you need, and only one sweet item per family. Also be sure to note what you take on the sign-out sheet.
Check to make sure the refrigerator/freezer and the bread shed doors are closed securely.
Springfield: 2445 Laralee St.
Eugene: 1242 Garfield St.
South Eugene: 2830 Potter
Thanks to Barbara DiJeannene and Ly Le (and her husband!) for keeping 2445 Laralee and 1242 Garfield stocked with pearl barley, red and white wheat berries, soybeans, pinto beans, powdered milk and cheese, spice mixes, and more. Also thanks to Kathy Ann for distributing in Creswell. Scroll down for some ideas for what to do with some of the items.
The drop sites are overflowing with baked goods thanks to our regular donors Bread Stop, Winco, Orowheat, and Lox, Stock, and Bagels. There are also sweet breads from My Mother’s Kitchen and some slightly underbaked but still edible apple coffee cake.
Also look for salad greens, carrots, radishes, onions, quince and a few squash from Groundwork Organics in the veggie bins. This is their last donation until they reopen in the spring. They are so happy that the food is being used and not going to waste, and they are excited to work with us in the spring when they open again. Thank you to Mira Maxwell for making the connection and to Shari Layton and Marie Summers for pickup and distribution the past 4 weeks.
The sites still have lots of rice baby cereal—here’s some recipes to give you ideas for uses other than feeding babies:
Check the links below for ideas for using the donated whole grains that are now available at the drop sites.
Bob’s Red Mill is a great resource for all things grain. Use the search box to find recipes and cooking directions:
Wheat makes a great substitute for rice and can be used many ways. Here are tips for cooking wheat berries:
Bake better treats and breads with milk powder:
You can roast soybeans for snacking:
Bonnie Williams and family are good on food for now, but a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses is still open (and getting very close to the goal!):
BottleDrop Blue Bags.  Blue Bags are available at the Springfield and Eugene drop sites: 2445 Laralee and 1242 Garfield. When you’ve filled it with returnable bottles and cans, bring it back to the drop site. You can also donate money to the Gleaners from a regular green bag account.
About 30 bags have been taken from the sites, and so far we’ve raised $180 from just 13 bags returned.
Amazon Smile. If you use Amazon, check your settings to make sure qualifying purchases are counted toward donations to the Gleaners. In the Accounts & Lists tab on your Amazon page, select Your AmazonSmile, search for Eugene Area Gleaners, and add it as your Smile charity. Then when you shop on Amazon, go to smile.amazon.com. Or use this link to automatically credit the Gleaners:
Gleaner Stickers. Funds go toward building a gleaner barn at 1070 Linda Lane. The 2” x 6” stickers are $1.50 each, including the cost of a stamp to mail it to you. Buy your stickers here:
All food items must be 6 inches or more off the ground, so we are looking for 1 x 6 boards to create a platform for the veggie bins at the drop sites.  If you can help out, comment here or email Marie Summers eugeneareagleanders@gmail.com.
Be sure to check out Ruby McConnell’s thoughtful essay on gleaning:
Hi Everyone! I am a regular contributor to Oregon Humanities Magazine and a few months ago they asked me to contribute an essay on the theme of “Feed.” I gave them an essay on gleaning, with a hat tip to this group, so I thought you’d like to see it. I really appreciate everything about this group and think you are all remarkable and right-on people for doing this (and probably for lots of other reasons too): https://www.oregonhumanities.org/rll/magazine/feed-fallwinter-2020/things-gleaned/