EAG Newsletter 3-15-2021




Last year we made and delivered 49 Spring Bunny Baskets to Gleaner kids. Can we do more this year? With your help, you bet we can! Here is a wish list for ideas: 


Check here for updates and for drop-off information:


As always you can contribute via PayPal at: [email protected]

Are you not a kid but still need a cheaply made basket filled with way too much high fructose corn syrup? Have a kiddo that’s physically over 18 but who would still love a basket? Go ahead and sign up! We’ll get as many baskets out as we possibly can.

Use this form to request Spring Baskets (Easter Baskets, Bunny Baskets, etc.):


Delivery Bunny volunteers are needed for Saturday, April 3 and Sunday, April 4 (bunny ears optional!).



Julia McAloon is the point person for the EAG info booth, which may soon be back in action as live events creep back on to the calendar. If you see an event that might be a good fit for the gleaners, please send details to Julia. We also need volunteers to staff the booth and create and print graphics for display. Julia is also happy to train anyone who wants to run the booth. 





IMPORTANT: For our tax records, please make sure you are signing out what you take! And please be specific—write 2 sliced, 1 buns, 1 bag bagels, etc., rather than just “bread.”

Garfield bread barn will be locked between 8 pm and 8 am daily.


Please wear your mask and use the hand sanitizer provided when visiting a drop site. Take only what you need, and only one sweet item per family. Also be sure to note what you take (be specific) on the sign-out sheet. 

Check to make sure the refrigerator/freezer and the bread shed doors are closed securely.

Also please return grain jars and lids to the drop sites when empty so they can be refilled.


NEW! Junction City: 93953 Pitney Lane

Springfield: 2445 Laralee St.

Eugene: 1242 Garfield St.

South Eugene: 2830 Potter


Groundworks Organic veggies this week include brussel sprouts, cabbages, and various greens, including Swiss chard, spinach, and collards. Please wear your mask and use the hand sanitizer before touching the produce.  


Drop sites also have sliced loaves, sweets, buns, and bagels from regular donors Orowheat, Bread Stop, Winco, and Lox, Stock, and Bagels. Lots of Bread Stop this past week, not so much Orowheat. Also watch for sweet bread ends from My Mother’s Kitchen.


1242 Garfield: Breads, grains, beans, crackers, and baby food are in the barn. Sweets are in the carport, along with veggies. The fridge, also in the carport, has greens, milk, and some deli items. Bananas are in the freezer. 

Signout sheet is in the shed on the second shelf at eye level. Please sign out what you take from the shed, fridge, and carport area. Masks are available at the barn if you forget yours.

2445 Laralee: Shelves and refrigerator are to the left of the garage. Check the fridge for bananas, milk, and other perishables (please be sure to close the door so they don’t thaw).

2830 Potter: Look in the little cabinet by the front door.

93953 Pitney Lane: Bread and other items are on the back porch on metal shelves, along with veggies as available. 

NEW! 845 25th Place, Springfield. Currently, you can pick up grains, beans, and dry goods, including TVP, pinto beans, soy beans, white wheat, veggie stew, and beef bouillon. 



Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help keep the drop sites clean and organized. All 16 spots for Garfield and Laralee are filled. To help our cleaners, please note the drop-off date on any perishables that don’t already have a Use By or similar date.



Please be sure to add the glean date to your receipts. New receipts have a space for the date, but if you have old ones, write the date across the top or in the comments. 



Agrarian Sharing Network’s Bethel/Eugene Spring Propagation Fair is Saturday, March 27, from noon to 5 pm outside Peterson Barn Community Center. Saturday, March 27th. Live music, craft kits for kids, plants & seeds. Call in to register for a timeslot: 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p. 541-682-6380.

Also on the schedule: 

Cottage Grove: Saturday, April 3, 11 am-3 pm

Springfield: Saturday, April 10, 11 am-2 pm


If you want to hone your own grafting skills, there’s an online presentation on March 17 from 10 to 11:30 PT: Intro to Grafting: Bridging, Bud, and Whip and Tongue. You can sign up and get a link to the recording if you can’t make it live:



Plantr is a locally developed app that connects homeowners with professionals who replace their grass lawns with permaculture gardens or food forests for a low-cost subscription. The app will launch later this month, but you can sign up early at plantrapp.com


Thanks to Helen Goché for sharing Harry and David’s recipe for cut flower preservative;

1 quart water

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 tablespoon sugar

1/2 teaspoon bleach

Cut flower stems at a 45-degree angle.







Happy birthday to Rose Jacobs and thanks to her friends, who contributed $215 to her Facebook birthday fundraiser to benefit Eugene Area Gleaners!



Used canning lids and rings, both small and wide mouth, are needed for distribution of grains and dried foods. You can leave at the Garfield drop site, along with empty jars. Please hold off on dropping plastic containers for the grain project—there are currently plenty on hand.


Paper lunch bags are needed to package bagels for Lox, Stock, and Bagels. If you can help, please leave your package at 1242 Garfield and note that in the comments on this post:



All food items must be 6 inches or more off the ground, so we are looking for 1 x 6 boards to create a platform for the veggie bins at the drop sites.  If you can help out, comment here or email Marie Summers [email protected].




BottleDrop Blue Bags.  Blue Bags are available at the Springfield and Eugene drop sites: 2445 Laralee and 1242 Garfield. When you’ve filled it with returnable bottles and cans, bring it back to the drop site. You can also donate money to the Gleaners from a regular green bag account. 


Fred Meyer. If you have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card, you can designate a percentage of every purchase you make to the Eugene Area Gleaners. Go to 


New users will need to create an account, which requires some basic information, a valid email address, and a Rewards Card.


If you don’t have a Rewards Card, you can get one at the customer service desk at any Fred Meyer. Once logged into your Fred Meyer account, search for Eugene Area Gleaners either by name or LF227 and then click Enroll.


Gleaner Stickers. Funds go toward building a gleaner barn at 1070 Linda Lane. The 2” x 6” stickers are $1.50 each, including the cost of a stamp to mail it to you. Buy your stickers here:



Amazon Smile. If you use Amazon, check your settings to make sure qualifying purchases are counted toward donations to the Gleaners. In the Accounts & Lists tab on your Amazon page, select Your AmazonSmile, search for Eugene Area Gleaners, and add it as your Smile charity. Then when you shop on Amazon, go to smile.amazon.com. Or use this link to automatically credit the Gleaners: