EAG Newsletter 6-01-2020

By Sara Ferris:





Flying Bee Ranch, a family-owned farm in Salem, offers many items but is mostly known for its quality honey. Their most popular products are listed on the form, and you can also ask for any others listed in their catalog at https://flyingbeeranch.net.

The buy is being run by Victoria Palacios Cronin with an assist by Brandy Collier.

How to order. Find the form at:


Prices by the quart include $1 for jar and lid, as Victoria will be pouring out of wholesale barrels. The pail prices are direct from the supplier. Other items are at retail.

Form closes on Sunday, June 7, 2020. 

You can pay via PayPal (Friends and Family ONLY—see directions below) to croninvm@hotmail.com

Cash must be paid and received in advance. No checks or COD. Please grab a sheet of paper and a calculator if you need it and keep track of your total. At the end of the for, you’ll enter your estimated order total. Victoria or Brandy will contact you if your total is different than what they come up with.

How to get. Victoria will pick up in Salem on Tuesday, June 9, and pour on her next day off, June 13 (Saturday). Pickups will start on Sunday, June 14. You will need to wait to be notified to arrange pickup at Victoria’s house (2630 Gilham Road, Eugene).


How to set PayPal to Friends and Family. PayPal gives two options for Payment Type: Goods and Services, and Friends and Family. Be sure to select Friends and Family for group buys. After you enter the email address for the payment, you’ll see the amount, the recipient, and under that, the payment type:








Click on the Payment Type to see the two options and select Friends and Family, if needed. 







Once you select Friends and Family for a recipient, it should remain set to that until you change it again. Note that our example uses Eugene Area Gleaners as the recipient, but you will want to send payment for the honey buy to croninvm@hotmail.com.






Click here for a group buy through Emerald Produce, a wholesale food supplier in Eugene. This buy is being run by Brandy Collier (eugeneareagleaners@gmail.com) with an assist from Marie Summers. 


Form closes on June 11, 2020. 


The strawberries are not non-GMO or labeled organic, but they are inexpensive. Pallet pricing is $14/flat, and that translates to 40 flats. Each flat holds 8 1-pound containers (that’s $1.75 per pound). You can order by the pound or by the flat. If you order by the pound, please bring your own boxes/containers to pick up.


Rhubarb is available at $2/lb, and cherries are $3.99/lb. We do not get a discount on these items, but they are special-order only and not regularly available to the public.🙂


Emerald processes and loads in California on Monday, June 15. Pallet will be delivered to Brandy’s driveway on Wednesday the 17 or Thursday the 18, and sorting will take place the same day (you can volunteer to be on call to sort when the delivery arrives).


You can pay via PayPal (Friends and Family ONLY please—see directions above) to: eugeneareagleaners@gmail.com


Cash or checks (make out to: Eugene Area Gleaners) are also acceptable, but must be paid and received BY June 15. Please bring cash or check IN AN ENVELOPE with your name and amount written on it to 4015 Langton Ave off 18th and Bertelsen. No  COD at this time. 





If interested in another Reedsport Pharmacy Buy, indicate your interest here. You can also select products you’d be interested in purchasing.






Remember to sign out items and take advantage of our artisanal hand sanitizer courtesy of Swallowtail Distillery.


Springfield update (3180 Oriole St., 8 am–9 pm): As of May 27, still loaded with bread—donuts, Entemann’s, Bread Stop bagels, French bread, burger buns, Orowheat and Bread Stop sliced. Also dog food toppers (pumpkin and blueberry, quite tasty for humans too), baby food, dried oregano, lettuce, turnips, chives, saltines, condiments . . .


Eugene update (1242 Garfield St.): Catherine Wilkins contributed a couple dozen small tomato starts—beefsteak, Brandywine, c. purple, and a few mystery plants. And the usual bread, baked goods, etc.



Please post occasional photos of donated seed packets together with the plants or veggies. Photos with kids or family in the garden with someone holding up the seed packets and others holding or pointing to the vegetables or flowers are best. This year’s seed donors include Seed Savers Exchange, Baker Creek, Renee’s Gardens, Irish Eyes, Botanical Interests, Territorial Seed, Johnny’s Seeds, High Mowing Seeds, and Hudson Valley Seed.



Thanks to everyone involved in working out the routine to pick up occasional donations of peeled organic lemons from Crescendo Spirits—leftovers from limoncello making! 




Local strawberries are coming into season. Below are a few places that currently let you pick your own. Availability may be spotty, so be sure to call ahead first.

  • J + M Farms, Seavey Loop: 541-747-0065
  • Detering’s, Harrisburg
  • Bush’s, Elmira: hoping to open today for the season


Remember that Oregon strawberries are fragile and have a short shelf life, so be ready to process them within a day or two of picking.


To freeze strawberries, hull and rinse them, then roll in sugar if you want them sweetened. First freeze them individually on a cookie sheet, then put in a freezer bag for storage. That keeps them from becoming a frozen lump of strawberry. If your goal is a frozen lump of strawberry, crush them with a potato masher before freezing.




The EAG Board needs a computer-savvy Secretary to schedule meetings, take notes, and maintain the calendar. The Secretary is a Board member, so attends meetings and votes as appropriate. Learn more here. If interested, email Brandy at eugeneareagleaners@gmail.com.