Garage Sale Fundraiser Round 2!

We will be having round 2 of our garage sale fundraiser on October 19th, 2019 from 9AM – 4PM.  🙂  This will be at 1730 W. 24th Ave in Eugene. We not only need folks to come and shop; but we need some volunteers to help out from the group!

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Garage Sale Round 2 Volunteers

Date: October 19, 2019

Volunteers to help with our garage sale fundraiser!

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What Available Spots
Set up 8AM #1: Lynn S.
#2: Deirdre L.
#3: Geraldine S.
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Cashier / Attendant 9AM - 11AM #1: Andrea R.
#2: Jessica F.
Cashier / Attendant 11AM - 1PM #1: Heidi H.
#2: Steve A.
Cashier Attendant 1PM - 3PM #1: Vickie H.
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Cashier Attendant 3PM - cleanup #1: Lillian H.
#2: Vickie H.
Clean up Crew 4PM til its done being cleaned up #1: Vickie H.
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Thanks all!  Be sure to share this with our friends!  We will have an event flyer shortly.