Mike’s Monday for Feb. 25th,2019. 


Happy Snow Day. Snow can be fun and beautiful But it can also be destructive. The drop sites on Dewey St. and on Canterbury (off River Road) are closed until further notice because of snow damage. We hope they will be back up in a few days. Please keep an eye on your email and/or the Facebook page for the reopening announcements. Also, with the roads the way they are, bread deliveries to the drop sites will be delayed or cancelled. Safety of our drivers are our #1 priority at times like these, even surpassing our need to feed people. As soon as the roads are clear, we will resume regular deliveries. The first ones should be YUGE.


The theme this week was going to be CHANGES. But I guess the snow *changed* that (or maybe it didn’t).  This week the board, meeting online over FB voted unanimously to accept Jennifer Eisele as our new TREASURER. We were all impressed with her extensive volunteer resume. We will formally vote her in at our next face-to-face meeting, but she will be starting her new job immediately. Please join the BoD in welcoming Jennifer to her new responsibilities. Rose will be helping her to become familiar with her duties.


The BoD also looked at Marcie Gutierrez’s application to take on the job of BOOTH COORDINATOR. We were happy to see that she is a vender at many non-profit events and can help our group to be included in them as well. So happy that we closed the application window early and welcomed her to the job. Marcie will be the Coordinator, but she will not be running the booths herself. She is going to need lots of help. Remember, you don’t have to glean to be a gleaner and receive a share of our bounty. Contact Marcie by FB or send an email to [email protected] and we will pass in on to her. Let’s all say “Thank You Marcie” for volunteering for this important job.


Our MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR, Lisa Barber Wages is stepping down after 2 years in office to better handle her family responsibilities. While we hate to lose her, we understand her reasons. So that means we’re looking for someone to fill her shoes. The job doesn’t take a whole lot of time it can take as little as 30 seconds a day, but it is a DAILY job. As the membership coordinator, you’d be the gatekeeper, in charge of who gets into the group, making sure they know the rules. You’d also be responsible for answering any queries (either by phone, text, email, or FB) from potential members or directing them to BoD members that can. That means you need to be outgoing and passionate about gleaning and helping people. THIS IS A BOARD POSITION. If you have questions, contact Brandy. To apply for this position, email your resume and/or letter of candidacy to the BoD at [email protected]. Deadline for applying is March 15th.  Please read the job description: https://goo.gl/nq5xhU


Lastly, the BoD has come up with new guidelines for using our letterhead and graphic logos. You can read it here: https://goo.gl/FQfioE 


That’s all for this week.