Gearing Up

Snow dusted the ground this morning, and the news is warning of icy roads, but the last few weeks have been busy for Eugene Area Gleaners.  We’re gearing up for spring!

Seeds have been generously donated by Seed Savers Exchange, Irish Eyes Garden Seeds, Botanical Interests, and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Packets have been distributed to those that initially signed up and are now being traded between members.  It’s a bumper crop of seeds so if you still need some please reach out in our Facebook Group. (Facebook Group is for member’s only, but you can also follow us here)

Garden Buddy plot sharing is being organized by Maureen.  Several members have agreed to host garden plots in their own yards.  Some have space for one person to garden and one generous lady needs 3-4 people to get the most out of her space.  Sign ups began February 14th.  More info is available in our Facebook Group.

We don’t just do plants…..some of our members participated in chicken harvests and dispersion of layers.  This month Brandy hosted the Chicken Run and a chicken workshop.  Notes from Linda:  “Four chickens, 10 quarts and 22 pints of broth! Thank you Brandy for hosting/teaching, Fawn for the chickens!  There’s also a half dozen yolks and a bit of meat put away for first baby foods ♡”,  “Thank you all for sharing this experience with me. The significance of the day is sinking in and I am grateful to have done this with kind and loving souls”.

Finally, as this growing season begins, we are looking for volunteers for many projects, big and small.  Part of being a member of this group is volunteering.  There is great value in being an active part of this community, and it goes beyond just getting free stuff.  We work together to help each other provide nutritious food to our families as well as those in need.  There is much available that would otherwise be lost as waste without the hard work of our members. You’ll get the chance to learn about urban gardening, get outside, and of course network with wonderful people.  This group can not function without the help of every member.  Volunteering is good for the soul.

For more information, browse our website, and follow our public page on Facebook.  Once you’ve decided join follow the instructions, and be sure to join our Facebook Group and have your group notification set to “All Posts”.